Another Year

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Nancy Sheen and Jim Broadbent listen to their friends' travailsPhoto: Sony Pictures Classics

High 3 StarsWhy I Saw It: Love a character study, and always game to see what Jim Broadbent’s up to.
What I Thought: [Time Very Well Spent] You know, I’m just not sure what I think! How strange. Well constructed and executed, superbly performed, but even after two viewings simply cannot decide if these two have healthy boundaries or are actually supremely smug, obnoxious snobs.

Another Year. Dir. Mike Leigh. Perf. Jim Broadbent, Ruth Sheen, Lesley Manville, David Bradley, Oliver Maltman, Peter Wight, Karina Fernandez, Imelda Staunton. Sony Pictures Classics, 2010.

Four seasons in the life of a happily married couple and the comings and goings of their family and friends.   

Okay, upon another viewing or two and further reflection (arguably the necessity for which could be a strike against the script/direction), I’m afraid I must say they really do seem to be supremely smug, obnoxious snobs… I’m done here.

What say you?

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