Comin’ at Ya!

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Victoria Abril and Tony Anthony sock it to 'em!Photo: Drafthouse Films

High 3 StarsWhy I Saw It: Supporting an initiative by a colleague and the Alamo Draft House itself (love them).
What I Thought: Would probably never have seen this film otherwise, and so glad it’s in my Repertoire. Great fun!

Comin’ At Ya!. Dir. Ferdinando Baldo. Perf. Tony Anthony, Victoria Abril, Gene Quintano, Ricardo Palacios. Filmways Pictures, 1981.

Bandits swoop into a wedding ceremony and kidnap the bride, and her groom sets about rescuing her.

Our great good fortune of having the Alamo Draft House here in Houston proves itself yet again, this time in the form of one of the first stabs (literally!) at 3D. 1981’s Comin’ At Ya! would be standard Spaghetti Western fare but for the dry, blissfully tongue-in-cheek, and occasionally uproariously funny 3D effects that keep, well, comin’ at ya.

Simultaneously drawling and ludicrous, Comin’ at Ya!‘s pacing is perfect ~ lonesome, faraway score … seriously bad guy bandits with the most nefarious of intents … heartbreak and loss … and a snake in your face. Wondering, worrying … what’s about to happen ~ bats! Indubitably Grievous Situations abounding… and we find ourselves laughing as they unfold (arrows!!).

Tony Anthony leads our proceedings with aplomb as a capable yet ordinary man of the Old West (the picture of David Janssen with just the faintest soupcon of Rowan Atkinson), and the filmmakers expertly juxtapose the story ~ told at just the right level of intensity ~ with the action comin’ at ya such that the entire piece remains dramatic but never is, turning silly even as it remains oh so serious. Splendid.

Comin’ at Ya! is also perfect fare for a complete change of pace even if neither special effects nor Westerns grab you per se ~ it’ll be a refreshing, unique experience and a fun memory (chalk up another one for the Draft House!).

Opens Feb 24th at the Alamo Draft House Mason Park.


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