The Reel Foundations Program

The Reel Foundations Program

How would your future look if you knew, for a fact, that you were able to meet any challenge head on … enjoy clarity and security in your personal and business relationships … and neutralize the pain of the past once and for all?

What might be different? What might be possible?

We’re not talking about outcome here – Life involves too many variables to be able to control that. Nor are we talking about the “what if you knew you couldn’t fail” exercise – that’s excellent for uncovering our true desires, but it doesn’t help us to not fail.

But imagine… what if you could actually, finally be free of that trepidation that simmers just below the surface, and bubbles into fear (or even fright) when you even consider confronting that Certain Situation? You know the feeling I mean (we all do).

It’s the one that stops you in your tracks and says, “Back away slowly. Drop and freeze if you need to. This thing is too much to deal with.”

“This thing” can take many forms. For example:
  • Malamute from 'The Thing' (Universal Pictures, 1982)It could be as consuming as the diagnosis that floats across the doctor’s desk – or as subtle as the veiled dig lobbed across the water cooler.
  • It could be an ancient wound that colors your life to this day – or a recent annoyance that has escalated into a serious problem.
  • It could be as sharp as being scorned by your family over your choice of career or life partner – or as needling as the sense of distance from a longtime friend ever since you reached (or lost?) – a certain level of success.
  • It could even be a perplexing sense of guilt for having achieved that very success, and/or the feeling of being an “impostor” in the new environments it brings.
  • …Or it could be the sting of frustration and the ache of regret for not having reached your version of success, as you watch the calendar’s march.
  • And ironically, if you experience something society deeply desires (such as financial comfort or physical attractiveness), you may find yourself alone in dealing with it, since others – and maybe even you? – assume this negates the impact of your concern, or somehow voids your right to have it taken seriously.

Whatever it is and however long it’s gone on, victory comes down to a certain repeated, pivotal, and often habitually unconscious moment in which we ask, “Can I really face this thing, or might the attempt lead to more than I can handle?”

If the split-second response is No, we flinch. And Life either passes by, or adds another brick to the house we live in but never wanted to build.

brick wall cracked foundationString enough of these Nos together, and this thing will destabilize or outright collapse your life.

Things right now are as good as they’re ever going to get – and will very likely only get worse from here. This thing will continue to limit your security and happiness, obstruct your progress, cause you to fall behind in life, and generally prevent you from flourishing.

At best, you’ll look back and wonder what might have been… and at worst, whatever’s bothering you will eat away until at some point you’ll look over your toothbrush at a reflection you don’t recognize anymore.

It doesn’t have to be this way.
Lisa Elin, Cinema Therapy Mentor

Lisa Elin, Cinema Therapy Mentor | Charter Advisory Board Member and Senior Trainer, CoachU | Member, Houston Film Critics Society

My name is Lisa Elin, and since 1993 I’ve helped people to name what’s in the way, identify the skills that neutralize it, and equip themselves to move forward with more capacity and confidence. I know how to do this, because I did it for myself (for myself, not by myself ~ none of us succeeds at this work alone).

I also know all too well that secret feeling of being up against something that’s in one’s face, but feels just too daunting to face. It is, in fact, what led me to my work in the first place.

Having survived a severe childhood trauma, stared down addiction within my household, and reinvented myself and my life after the onset of a debilitating chronic illness, I credit an internal process I instinctively relied on as being the reason behind my success. I call it The Unbreakable Process™. 

This process is not a solution to a particular situation, or an empty exhortation of what to do. (Commit. Be brave. Fight!) Rather, it’s a posture that makes us powerful in that gap between the decision to undertake something and the action of doing so – in that pivotal moment in which we falter.

Unless we don’t.

String enough of those unless we don’ts together, and we look back to realize we’ve become undefeatable.

Sam and Frodo, 'The Lord of the Rings' trilogy (New Line Cinema, 2001-03)Does it mean that nothing scares us or knocks us down, or that we don’t occasionally reconsider and regroup? Of course not.

But what it does mean is that we develop a backbone of steel that holds us up and keeps us moving in the direction we desire. No matter what (and I really mean that).

My approach, which is learnable by anyone, can be used for any type of challenge. As part of the teachings I describe how I’ve used this process to tackle three ferocious, long-term, and potentially catastrophic situations and come out on top – but I’ve also used it for public speaking, law school, first dates, and tech calls to the cable company.

You see, it’s not about the nature or duration of your struggle. It’s about the fact that there is a struggle, and it’s time to change that dynamic once and for all.

Enter the Reel Foundations Program

PillarsThe Reel Foundations™ Program is a means of discerning precisely how you need to show up in order to achieve the best possible outcome from the challenge at hand.

It will instill in you an approach – a stance – you’ll be able to rely on, forever.

You’ll learn how to take command of that moment of doubt, respond with strength, and rinse and repeat your way through the entire challenge itself. This has worked in my own life, and I’ve seen it work with others both over time and across challenges and populations.

In working the Reel Foundations™ Program you’ll come into a certainty that you really can do this. You can take on “this thing” – indeed, any “thing” – and prevail.

And best of all, you learn it by watching movies. How cool is that?

How It Works

The Reel Foundations™ Program employs a healing modality called Cinema Therapy, which uses film as a tool for moving toward wholeness, and in which the actual effect of watching generates insight, inspiration, and natural change.

If you’d like depth and detail, by all means come learn about what it is, why it works so well, and my approach to using it.

Otherwise, suffice it to say that conscious movie watching helps us to dissolve the obstacles that cause us to unconsciously sabotage our own progress, and to fill in the gaps in our experience and understanding so that we respond to Life with more ease and power.

The Reel Foundations™ are certain qualities which, when learned and nurtured, equip one to build and sustain a life filled with meaning, fulfillment, and peace. They can be used not only to strengthen an already sound life experience, but also to repair and undergird one wounded by trauma or setback.

I’m going to teach you The Unbreakable Process™ and the precise Foundations for applying it to your own challenge. Then you’re going to watch some really good movies that illustrate them in action, and as you watch, they’ll naturally become part of who you are and how you operate. Wax on, wax off.

You can use the program for:
  • Accomplishing an outcome (such as a reinvention at midlife, healing a childhood wound, or getting through the divorce without traumatizing the children)
  • Maintaining general well being (such as remaining sharp and robust at work, or showing up as a strong partner in your love relationship)
  • Rebuilding your life after a difficult, even traumatic, personal history (it’s shaped you, but it’s not your shape – your original, intended shape – and it’s time to reclaim that)
  • Becoming more comfortable in your relationships (bringing security that people like you for you, rather than something about you or what they hope to get)
  • Breaking free of your own personal Groundhog Day (because the options you were promised aren’t so limitless after all, and the demands are stacking)
  • Coping with a major, perhaps even irrevocable, curve ball (whatever happened, it’s turned your world on its ear; everything has been called into question, except the fact that nothing can continue as it was)
You can take it in:
  • Baby steps (working one Foundation at a time, and/or watching a movie a week)
  • Long strides (working multiple Foundations at once, and/or seeing more movies)
And you can apply it:
  • On your own (self-study and guided exercises)
  • With a coach or counselor (in support of professional instruction and guidance)

You’ll learn exactly what to do in that pivotal moment instead of falter, and then steer it in such a way that you make progress in getting past the thing altogether. You’ll become like The Firm‘s Mitch McDeer, who crafted “not a way out exactly… more like a way through.”

What You’ll Receive

The Reel Foundations™ Program comes with the following components:

Instruction & Reference Manual (PDF)

Reel Foundations™ Program Manual

  • Why our efforts fail and what to do about this, once and for all
  • The Unbreakable Process™: the real answer to “how I did it” – and how you can do it, too
  • How and why Cinema Therapy is such a perfect tool for self-improvement, and how to chart your own course
  • 6 options for approaching this program and the films themselves, which you can mix and match to your own needs, learning style, and film preferences
  • Signposts for identifying which Foundation(s) to focus on, and how to know when you’ve completed one
  • Guidance on how to watch the films – what to look for, how to consider them
  • The 8 Pillars containing the 80 Foundations, and 240 precisely curated films
  • PDF format for reading on computer, tablet, smartphone, or Kindle app

Reel Foundations™ Program Workbook

Guided Exercises Workbook (PDF)
  • A Special Focus Areas planning exercise for revealing your priority Foundations and mapping your personalized plan
  • A guided Reflections Exercise for each individual Foundation
  • A multi-purpose Journal Entry for capturing impressions and ideas
  • Instructions for assembly as a printed log/journal
  • Mix and match what’s important for you at any given time – all exercises are evergreen and can be used again and again

Design Materials – for creating a hard-copy printed workbook as shown above (3-ring binder not included)

Quick Reference Assessment – containing an 80-Point Checklist for planning and progress tracking

Reel Foundations™ Program Printables

Reel Foundations™ Program Printables

The Unbreakable Process™ Guided Audios (MP3) – addressing that moment in which we falter, and what to do instead

We’ll walk through it two ways:

  • One that unpacks the elements and provides tips (12:07)
  • One for using it in real time (:54)

Think of it like learning a golf swing – you learn the different components, but then actually apply them in one swift motion.

A 30-Day Subscription to Special Premium Tools & Content
  • Browse Film Library by Foundation – Ability to search the online database of hand-curated films not only by Rating and Genre, but also by Foundation (over 3,000 fully indexed by rating and genre, and app 600 by Foundation – I only assign Foundations to the ones earning at least 3½ stars)
  • Advanced Search – Find that special title involving multiple particular Foundations and your favorite actor
  • Bookmarking – Keep a watchlist of titles for study
  • All Pillars and Foundations indexed, easily navigable, and searchable
30 Days of Basic Support from Me

I’m here to answer any questions you have about implementing the Program, from practical issues such as putting together your personal plan, to what to watch for in viewing a particular film or finding a substitute title. (If you’d like support regarding your individual circumstances, private mentoring options are available and outlined in the Reel Foundations™ area of the website.)

You suggest things I would never select on my own or think I won’t like, and I always enjoy them. I would miss a lot of good movies if it weren’t for you.
Ellen M, Houston
A Word About the Films:

Home TheaterThe selected films fall into three classifications: Gentler, Edgier, and Cautionary. One of each, for each Foundation.

We go into great detail in the manual as to the distinctions between them, but here are a few broad points as you’re deciding whether or not this program is for you:

  • The Gentler ones are suitable across the board for most viewers (aka adults with no specific requirements or sensitivities regarding content – think Up in the Air or Gran Torino).
  • Edgier and Cautionary titles contain a bit stiffer content (think Bridesmaids or Nightcrawler), but if you need to stick only to Gentlers, you will still receive a complete experience (it’s like travel: seeing the world is clearly preferable, but there’s plenty of adventure and experience to be found in one’s own country).
  • In any case, the Reel Foundations™ Program is a chainsaw-free zone. On occasions where the content is more bracing, such as Se7en or Schindler’s List, the film is included for specific, worthy, and substantive reasons, yet you’ll never find Hostel and its ilk.
  • You will have ample time during the 30 days of premium access that comes with your purchase in which to find additional titles.

Long-Term Benefits of Working the Program

The Reel Foundations™ Program continues to pay off the longer you engage it. As you work the program over time and at your own pace, you’ll start noticing changes:

  • The early sense of relief from knowing you can tackle the current challenge will mellow into a deep sense of self-assuredness.
  • Your analytical abilities will become clearer, meaning your decision-making skills will improve (regardless of what mode you use – head, heart, gut, or combo).
  • You’ll strengthen your mental toughness and emotional intelligence – some things never go out of style!

You’ll enjoy a permanent repository of films for study and inspiration, as well as a complement of evergreen tools you can use again and again. As you change and grow, the Program evolves with you, remaining fresh and relevant to your experience.

star And here’s something else to consider – you can teach this to your kids. As I’m going to convey it to you, you can convey it to them. The pain you can help them avoid in their own life is something we can’t calculate here, and if you’ve ever said “this stops with me” about something in your family line, this tool can help you make that a reality.

The days of living at the effect of things are over.
At the wheel

Is the Program for You?

The Reel Foundations Program can help you if:
  • You are open to questioning your fundamental assumptions to see if they are, in fact, true and useful – and if they’re not, you’re open to considering some different ones.
  • You approach life with a sense of volition, naturally taking initiative to address what needs work (or if you’re not, you know that that’s the conversation).
  • You are willing to invest some time in your transformation, just as if taking up a sport or embarking on a weight loss journey. As with those, you can control the amount at any given time, but as with those, there’s no real point unless you’re ready to devote some attention to it.
  • You hold room for hope. Not the glorified wishing that waits passively for something to happen, but rather the resolute refusal to believe that triumph isn’t at least 1% possible, and then takes the next right step with 100% best effort.
  • Genuinely enjoy movies. As in, can’t fathom going two weeks without one (except perhaps on vacation), and see at least 2-5/month as a matter of course (any combo of streaming, disc, or theater; new or repeated viewing).
  • Maintain a subscription to Netflix, Amazon Prime, and/or other such service that keeps a maximum selection of titles at the ready. (For Netflix, a plan including discs is strongly recommended – you’ll have better control of your choices and make faster progress.)
  • Are at least 18 years old (we’ll discuss R-rated movies, so you may as well be a legal adult while we’re at it).
  • Welcome a variety of film genres and topics (not necessarily for recreation, but at least for our work together – but you have my word I’ll never ask you to watch something that goes personally against your grain, for any reason).
But the Reel Foundations Program isn’t for everybody. It probably isn’t for those who:
  • “Don’t like movies” (I know, inconceivable, but I’ve heard it said). The more bonded you are to them the better, but you need to count them among your “interests or hobbies” at the very least.
  • Prefer something they can consume and declare done, such as a short book or TED talk. These can prompt insight that changes your world to be sure, but here we’re talking about making a lifestyle upgrade.
  • Experience a general sense of, “I got this.” In this case, you may not be facing the level of challenge this program is designed to address. Because it’s a tool for meeting and overcoming daunting circumstances, it won’t be as useful to you because you’re not feeling, well… daunted. And that can be a very good thing!

I’d like to say just a quick thing about that last point if I might, however. Feeling that you “got this” can be wonderful and empowering. That said, it can also indicate that you’re coasting, and thus not achieving and experiencing all that your life could offer.

It could also mean that things have always come easily to you through no real effort on your part; you’ve never been required to step up, which leaves you vulnerable to a serious freefall should a nasty surprise come your way.

You might just keep this program in mind in case life throws you a curve ball, or use it as a preventive wellness activity, like you might take up tennis. Food for thought!

Listen, you know the way things are isn’t the way they have to be, and that you have the innate ability to change them. Otherwise a better place wouldn’t even have occurred to you, and the desire for it wouldn’t still be on your heart.

It’s time to clear that Thing off your path and get there.

So to Recap…

When you purchase the Reel Foundations™ Program, you’ll receive all the following:

Comprehensive Program Manual Quick Reference Assessment Guided Exercises Workbook Journal Design Materials 2 Guided Audios  30-Day Subscription to Premium Content and Online Tools 30 Days of Email Access to Lisa

Reel Foundations Program Elements

Shop with Confidence

paypal-seals_380wAll transactions are managed securely by PayPal ~ at their website, on their servers. I never see or store your financial information, ever. All major credit cards are accepted, and you do not need a PayPal account. Your transaction will appear on your statement as LISAELIN.

Frequently Asked Questions
How much time does this require?
The time necessary for you to go through the manual once through and lay out your game plan (depends on how quickly you read/process), plus the amount of time you wish to spend watching movies and recording your impressions.

You can schedule this however you like – spread the activities over days, or create your own half- or full-day movie retreat! (Also great while on a plane.)

I’d say give it 4-8 hours/week (including the movies) for the first 30 days to maximize the time in which you have access to me, and then whatever amount integrates nicely with your life going forward.

Remember: 80 Foundations may seem like a lot, but think of it like the meals that comprise your diet – were you to list every fruit, vegetable, protein, grain, and seasoning it would seem complicated, but you can easily learn to prepare a lasagna dinner or plan your week’s lunches.

How does the mentoring work?
The program comes with 30 days of email access to me (beginning with date of purchase), during which I’m available to answer any questions related to the program content itself.

Such questions might include how to interpret a particular character as it relates to the Foundation, clarification on any of the program materials and exercises, how to decide where to focus your energies, and so on. Anything having to do with integrating the principles and materials, working with the suggested films, and making sure you’re fully equipped to continue on your own going forward.

There’s no inherent limit to the amount of conversation; I’m here for you so feel free to be in touch, and if it starts feeling imbalanced, I’ll speak up and we can explore some additional mentoring options.

You can expect a response from me within one business day at most, though it’s conceivable that if my health takes me down, I’d ask for some grace on that window. If this is happening I’d let you know promptly, so you can know what to expect.

Is additional mentoring available?
Absolutely. Options are available both for mentoring beyond the support included with your initial 30-day support, and for custom compilations of films based on your precise needs and preferences. You’ll find details on the Reel Foundations Home Page once you log in.
** What is your return policy?
Returns and refunds vary by product, and because the Reel Foundations Program is entirely digital and instantly downloadable, all sales are final. To get a sense of things before you purchase, you can download a free example of the work and listen to a fun radio show to “meet” me personally and learn more about how all this works. Finally, you can also read the program Table of Contents and Introduction.

I promise that you will find the materials to be exactly as described, and am 100% confident that if you work the program in good faith, take all the action steps presented, and fully avail yourself of the email access to me, then you will come away with a personal plan and a powerful new success skill that you can apply to any challenge, forever.

But here’s my guarantee: If at the end of your 30 days you have done all of these and are still somehow struggling to implement the process or develop your plan, just send me your work and I will personally get on the phone with you for a 30-minute mentor session at no charge, where we’ll figure it out and get you back on track!

Ready to Get Started? Do eet! Do eet now!

Note: There are two program options; if you’re on a narrow screen, be sure to keep scrolling to make sure we get you the right one for you.

Basic Self-Study
(Just Get Your Feet Wet)
An intro to Cinema Therapy and a map for using movies as a tool for self-growth
Quick Reference Assessment
Get Unstuck with Movies eBook
30 Days Premium Site Access
Online Tools
80 Titles
Pillars & Foundations
3-Part Email Series
(Basic Principles)
Instruction Guide
Journaling Worksheet
Buy Now
Expanded Self-Study + Mentoring
(The Complete Program)
A fun, powerful approach to overcoming any challenge, with access to Lisa
Quick Reference Assessment
Get Unstuck with Movies eBook
30 Days Premium Site Access
Online Tools
240 Titles
Pillars & Foundations
(Online + PDF)
7-Part Email Series
(Basics + Strategies)
Comprehensive Manual
Guided Exercises Workbook
30 Days Email Q&A with Lisa
The Unbreakable Process
Guided Process Audios
Tailor to Your Own Style
Personal Plan Development
Program Fully Downloadable
Custom Compilations Available
Private Mentoring Available
Buy Now

We’ll set you up with a Username & Password along the way, so you can access the premium content.
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This program and its related materials are only to offer information to help you on your quest for well-being. It represents the opinion of the author/publisher, and is not intended to provide counseling services of any kind, or to diagnose, prevent, cure, or treat any disease or condition. If you need expert advice at any time, please consult a qualified mental health professional before proceeding.


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