New Features in Production

New Features in Production

Labor Day 2017: Okay, getting back into action here, with the new features releasing within the next couple of weeks. For now, busy sending good thoughts and prayers to the people in Irma’s path. Been in the sights of a Cat 5 once myself and it was plenty scary, but this one’s a real monster.

Houston, September 1, 2017: The local network affiliates are returning to normal (still about Harvey, but within normal programming), the zoo is open and offering discounted tickets for people to get outside and catch a break (all residents came through fine), the Astros will be playing ball tonight (away game!), and stores and restaurants are coming back online. People are still being evacuated via helicopter all day/night from the dam releases and peaking river to the west/southwest, but we are moving from emergency to recovery and trending the right direction as people band together to serve shelters and help neighbors clean up so they can get back into their homes. Thank you all so much for your continued prayers and support!

Houston, August 30, 2017: I am extraordinarily fortunate to be among the unscathed thus far, with no reason to expect that to change, but so many of my fellows are not. Harvey is making a second landfall, the controlled release of the dams is underway, and people are still being rescued at present. Your prayers, good thoughts, and relief contributions are deeply appreciated, and the outpouring of support thus far has been magnificent. On behalf of the citizens of Houston/Harris County and all of us in southeast Texas, we thank you! <3

When Back in Action, Then…

I have some fun new things in the works for Reel Happiness, and you’ll see some changes shortly! (It’s taking longer than usual while I’m working on getting my health boosted a bit.) Toward this end, I have moved my existing reviews and features over to Reel Happiness’ sister site, Film is Life, which will carry the baton from there. What remains here will be refined and expanded in a fun new way, with additional features added. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, come take a listen to a Popcorn Therapy segment or two. Each audio is only about 10 minutes, perfect for a coffee break! See ’em all »

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