2015 delivered a wide variety of cinematic milestones, from continuing sagas with The Avengers: Age of Ultron to new installments of classic franchises including Jurassic World and Star Wars: The Force Awakens. It also gave us deeply powerful introspective pieces about people coping with the reality of their lives and deciding what, if anything they could change about it, including Carol, Room, and 45 Years.

Amid the franchise flash and fury, and beyond the internal personal struggle, however, 2015 slowly and steadily unfolded an inquiry into the human condition itself – for better and worse.

Here we find stories of what makes human beings tick, and how those around them (and society itself) choose to respond. What do we do when we learn the truth of our reality? Do we fight for the right, or do we cut and run – and just what is right, anyway? Is it objectively quantifiable, or is there only what is right for us? Can we change, or are we driven by a fallen human nature?

Here are ten of 2015’s best that explore these questions, offering answers of their own and leaving plenty of room for us to ponder!

This article originally appeared over at [the now shuttered] Examiner, so the link obviously doesn’t work now. I’ll have this post updated in due time. If you want it done now, just drop me an email.

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