Sally Field has been a cinematic national treasure for decades, yet it’s been a good while since we’ve been treated to seeing her front and center. This weekend she returns to the leading lady slot with Hello, My Name is Doris and garners her customary accolades across the board (including a Rotten Tomatoes standing of 85% Critic/99% Audience as of this writing – I missed the screening due to health but will rectify that as my first opportunity, count on it).

If you were born since 1975, however, it’s likely that others of Field’s triumphs slipped the radar, given that they hit the big screen while you were too young to see them, ran cable too young to appreciate them, and then swirled into the galaxy of TV channels and endless streaming content before you could notice.

If that’s the case, here are three that deserve placement on your watchlist post haste. All remain timeless and as relevant as they were at release, and will leave an indelible positive imprint on your soul.

Time to fire up the queue!

This article originally appeared over at [the now shuttered] Examiner, so the link obviously doesn’t work now. I’ll have this post updated in due time. If you want it done now, just drop me an email.

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