This weekend at the movies, we’re treated to two openings involving portraits of people who achieve the apparently impossible: astronaut Gene Cernan and Olympic ski jumper Eddie Edwards. Together with last week’s opening of the new film of Olympic track sensation Jessie Owens (still in theaters) – and also in light of the dreams being pursued and honored at the Spirit and Oscar awards this weekend – we’re enjoying quite the smorgasbord of fuel for our own fires.

Let’s take a look at them, as well as two more I’ve added for good measure, riffing off both Cernan and Edwards, with accounts of another who was laughed at until he wasn’t, and another who unequivocally did the undoable.

What is your moment of glory that you’re reaching for?

This article originally appeared over at [the now shuttered] Examiner, so the link obviously doesn’t work now. I’ll have this post updated in due time. If you want it done now, just drop me an email.

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