A Better Life

José Julián and Demián Bichir work hard to stick together.Photo: Summit Entertainment
5 StarsWhy I Saw It: Loved Weitz’s About a Boy, and Alexandre Desplat is on a roll.
What I Thought: What I thought? Easy. See this movie.

A Better Life. Dir. Chris Weitz, Paul Weitz. Perf. Demián Bichir, José Julián, Joaquín Cosio, Carlos Linares, Dolores Heredia. Summit Entertainment, 2011.

A single father living in East L.A. struggles to fend off gangs and the government and improve circumstances for his son.

See this movie. 

That way should the unthinkable occur ~ that being that Demián Bichir (and perhaps Chris Weitz!) isn’t in awards contention ~ you’ll be fully apprised of the miscarriage of justice. Hopefully we’ll all be celebrating together. He probably wouldn’t take it (think John Hawkes), but he’d deserve it nonetheless (think John Hawkes).

And Shiloh Fernandez had better hire a gifted acting coach, because José Julián is about to start knocking him out of every audition for years to come (despite the age gap ~ Fernandez just played eight years junior, bump Julián by four, and it’s the same guy).

See this movie.

It’s one of those in which the plot can’t begin to convey the power (think Terms of Endearment), and it won’t seek to sway your political views. Weitzes will break your heart with a camera angle.

Just see this movie.

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