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Lisa Elin, Cinema Therapy MentorWelcome! I’m so glad you’re here. There’s a lot to see and do here at Reel Happiness, and it’s all about using your love of movies to improve your life and enjoy it more. Below are some links to get you started, and you can learn out more about me here if you like. Please do feel free to contact me anytime with feedback or requests. I’d love to hear from you.

Lisa Elin

You and your film critic trivia! You crack me up and I positively BOW DOWN to your superior film savvy!

Kathy D, upon hearing my impromptu pop quiz for Unknown (2006)

You suggest things I would never select on my own or think I won’t like, and I always enjoy them. I would miss a lot of good movies if it weren’t for you.

Ellen M., who hates having to scroll through pages of titles to find something interesting

Because of your recommendation we saw [the new] Walter Mitty yesterday – what a delight for the soul.

Debbie L, who generally keeps only to the gentle vibe of Golden-era classics

You remind me of Ebert.

Tom S, colleague of Roger Ebert

The memory puzzles are addictive!

Jacque B, Houston

Sounds good – will call you then – just checked out your website and got caught up in that hangman game. :)

Marie D, preparing for our appointment

They have arrived ~ and the office staff has been playing them nonstop on their lunch breaks ~ “Familiarizing ourselves with the gift-bag contents” as they put it.

Steven S., confirming Reel Delights card games arrival at client’s office

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