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Cinema Therapy Movie Database

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1700+ titles, hand curated Reel Happiness-style. Here you’ll find ideas for the queue and browse various themes as part of building your Repertoire or doing some Cinema Therapy or Coaching work.

Jan 2nd 2017: You’ll notice just bare-bones entries for the past eight or so weeks – just keeping up amid the end-of-year awards flurry, and heading into making some fun changes here at Reel Happiness.

Jan 28th 2017: I’m revamping and refining the RHMDb – many entries will be enhanced, with the originals (and the entirety of the 3300+ collection) now moved over to Reel Happiness’ sister site, Film is Life. Will be in place once I get my health boosted a bit. Stay tuned for the new format here at Reel Happiness, I think you’ll really like it!



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