Movie Puzzles

Movie puzzles combine two of our favorite things and achieve two of our favorite outcomes: enjoyment and brain health! Killer combo.

Most Reel Happiness movie puzzles can be played unlimited times – each time they load, it’s a whole fresh puzzle. And for the vast majority, it is not necessary to have seen the film that inspired the puzzle. Figuring out the the film reference adds another level of fun and challenge, of course, but that’s icing on the cake.

Come play some now – full instructions on every page. Please enjoy!

Movie Crossword Puzzle
Crosswords. Crosswords are entirely about a particular individual, topic, or film. No mere anchor words here! Comes in two versions: printable and digital – with online coming soon! Play a Crossword Puzzle Now »
Movie Memory Puzzle
Memory Puzzles. Click tiles to reveal the pictures, and remembering where they are, turn them all over. Play against the clock or just take your time. Playable unlimited times! Play a Memory Puzzle Now »
Movie Hangman Puzzle

Hangmen. The classic game of guessing the phrase before running out of chances. But no gallows ~ these puzzles are strictly nonviolent (sorry, Tarantino fans!). Play a Hangman Puzzle Now »

Movie Jigsaw Puzzle

Jigsaws. This classic needs no explanation ~ but what does the picture have to do with the film…? Set your degree of difficulty from 12 to 104 pieces – you decide! Play a Jigsaw Puzzle Now »

Movie Word Search Puzzle
Word Searches. Click and drag on the letter grid to select. Keep your eyes open ~ words go in all directions, and may even overlap! Compete against the score for added challenge, playable unlimited times. Play a Word Search Puzzle Now »
Movie Word Search Puzzle

Logics. From the scenario and a few facts, can you piece together the whole story? Be careful ~ just because you recognize a film, don’t assume you know the answer! Play a Logic Puzzle Now »

MovieClue Movie Puzzle
MovieClues™. A Reel Happiness exclusive! From the clue about a character, can you guess the actor, film, and director? Reveal a hint, or even part of the solution, for additional clues. Play a MovieClue Puzzle Now »
Movie Arostic Puzzle
Cinemacrostix™. In pre-production! The classic acrostic game of discerning the code to guess the quote. For now, can you guess from this picture what the quote might be?  “Vodka martini. Shaken, not stirred.”

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