Movie Hangman Puzzle

Movie Hangman Puzzle

Here’s the classic game of guessing the phrase before running out of chances. But no gallows ~ these movie hangman puzzles are strictly nonviolent (sorry, Tarantino fans!).

Each Reel Happiness movie hangman puzzle is actually a group of puzzles under a single topic that contains anywhere from 15 to 60 puzzles. When you click the Next button, the next puzzle loads at random, so hangmen can be played unlimited times!

There’s a free movie hangman puzzle for you at the bottom of this page.


  • Special knowledge required: None. Well, arguably some, but being the movie fan that you are (or you wouldn’t be here), you’ll be able to discern the words largely from your existing base of knowledge.
  • Click a letter to select it; you have 10 misses within which to guess the answer.
  • If perchance the same puzzle loads when you click Next, just click the button again. In this case, “random” just happened to land on the same one.

Play a Movie Hangman Puzzle

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