Movie Logic Puzzle

Movie Logic Puzzle

From the scenario and a few facts, can you piece together the whole story? But be careful ~ just because you recognize a film, don’t assume you know the answer!

Here you’ll be given a few facts about a situation, and from there your task is to reveal the full picture.

Logic puzzles may seem unusual at first if you’ve never tried one, but I assure you they’re easy (though the particular puzzle itself may not be!). Once you know how to fill in the grid, you’ll be on your way in a flash!

There’s a free movie logic puzzle for you at the bottom of this page.


  • Special knowledge required: None. Seeing if you can identify how the elements relate to the subject will add to the enjoyment, but the puzzle does not require any outside knowledge.
  • All movie logic puzzles are in downloadable, printable format (PDF).
  • Reel Happiness movie logic puzzles reference films in their stories. However, never assume an answer lines up with the movie. It almost certainly does not – because then it wouldn’t be much of a puzzle, would it? ;)
How to Solve Logic Puzzles

Each puzzle comes with a grid to help you keep track of what you know, what you don’t know, and what emerges as you go (hah, a little poem).

First, use the clues to fill in what you know is definitely true or not true, and enter these facts into the grid. With that knowledge in hand, run through the clues again, together with any other facts you’ve jotted down along the way. Rinse and repeat.

Filling in the Grid

Logic Grid Example

  1. If something is definitely not true, color in that box.
  2. If something definitely is true, put a dot in that box, and then color in all the remaining boxes in that row and column.
  3. When you discover a one-off fact as you go along but it doesn’t fit in the grid, jot it somewhere on the page.

When you spot two facts that link together, enter them into the table. As you proceed, you’ll see how the facts begin to hang together, and catch how to work back and forth between the grid and the table.

Degrees of Difficulty

With the Level 1 puzzles, you are given many direct facts, such as “Tina owns a Toyota”. However as the puzzles become more challenging, you’ll be given fewer and fewer of these, replaced by clues that are more nuanced and indirect.

Here are some tips for discovering additional information:

  • Once you have filled in what you know to be true and not true, do so for all other elements that relate to it. For example, if you know that Jennifer wore the blue jacket, and that Jennifer is the dentist, be sure to fill in also that the dentist wore the blue jacket.
  • When you see groups of things that must or cannot be so, look for their opposites. For example, if you know that the dentist is from either Denver or Boston and that the florist is from either Denver or Boston, you can mark with certainty that any other profession is not from Denver or Boston.
  • Another example: If student Michael must take a class on Tuesday or Thursday and you see that instructor Amy cannot teach a class on Tuesday and Thursday, you can mark with certainty that Amy is not Michael’s instructor.

After you try one you’ll catch the knack of how logic puzzles work – and perhaps become as hooked on them as I am! If you ever have any questions, don’t hesitate to shoot me an email.

Movie Marathon - movie logic puzzlePlay a Movie Logic Puzzle

Reel Happiness movie logic puzzles range from 1 Star (easiest) to 4 Stars (most challenging); all are in printable pdf format.

Today we’ll start with a great beginner’s puzzle from the vault: Movie Marathon!

Download the Logic Puzzle Printable Now

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