Movie Memory Puzzle

Movie Memory Puzzle

These are a blast (actually, the oft-used term is “addictive”).

Click the tiles to reveal the pictures – tiles shuffle every time you load the puzzle, so memory puzzles can be played unlimited times! Can you guess what each picture has to do with the subject?

There’s a free movie memory puzzle for you at the bottom of this page.


  • Special knowledge required: None. Seeing if you can identify how the pictures relate to the subject will add to the enjoyment, but the puzzle does not require any outside knowledge.
How to Play Reel Happiness Movie Memory Puzzles
  • Each puzzle relates to a particular subject ~ actor, filmmaker, or film.
  • The board consists of 36 tiles hiding 18 images related to that subject.
  • The object is to turn over all the tiles by matching the images.
  • Click a tile to reveal its image, then do so with a second tile. If the images match, they remain face up; if they don’t, both turn back over.
  • Click two more tiles, proceeding this way until all images are revealed.
  • Click the clock to shuffle and start a new game.
  • Click “View Film References” below the puzzle to reveal how each picture relates to the subject.
  • Tip: If the tiles don’t reveal a picture when you click, it just means the puzzle hadn’t finished loading yet (speed depends on your Internet connection). Go back and then try it again, giving it a full three seconds or so before playing.

Play a Movie Memory Puzzle

Leonardo DiCaprio

View Film References
Leonardo DiCaprio movie memory puzzle - solution array

  • Bear: The Revenant
  • Eiffel Tower: Revolutionary Road
  • Martini: The Great Gatsby
  • “Mr. Yuck” Poison Warning: Romeo & Juliet (I know, it’s a + in the actual title, but I will never concede its use as an ampersand :) )
  • Crown: The Man in the Iron Mask
  • Basketball: The Basketball Diaries
  • Badge: J. Edgar
  • Plane: The Aviator (Bonus points if you guessed Catch Me If You Can)
  • Ring: Blood Diamond
  • Map: The Beach
  • Empire State Building: Gangs of New York
  • Dollar Sign: The Wolf of Wall Street
  • Grapes: What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?
  • Shamrock: The Departed
  • Pistol: The Quick and the Dead
  • Ship: Titanic
  • Eclipse: Total Eclipse
  • Top: Inception

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