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August 2012: After eight great years, we decided to put a wrap on the formal meeting of the movie group, as members had begun having children, enjoying career advancements, earning Masters degrees, and running into scheduling conflicts with press screenings. We were all seeing each other offside anyway, so we decided to discontinue the formal group. We met for a wrap party, and raised a glass to eight terrific years of film and fellowship!

For Us, Film is a Spectator Sport

Almost Famous beautifully illustrates music’s ability to inform our life experience far beyond a single song. Film possesses the same ability, though perhaps people don’t notice it quite this way.

In fact, this is why Meetup.com actually set up the Film is Sport topic at my (Lisa’s) request back in 2004, which was just thrilling. (Update: They’ve since retooled their site and indexing approach so people can’t really add it anymore, but it rocked along across the globe for over ten years, how fun!)

What do we mean?

Well, many people see movies because their favorite actor’s in it … or because it’s the hot title at the multiplex … or because they love the genre … or for the sheer love of film as an art form. We folks for whom film is sport see movies for any or all of these reasons; the difference is in our style of appreciation. You see, we actually more resemble *sports* fans.

Perplexed? Imagine a spirited discussion in a sports bar. That’s precisely the nature of our conversations – except instead of players, coaches, and games, the subjects are actors, filmmakers, and movies! Many of us further use them to celebrate birthdays, work through emotions, organize vacations, provide background ambiance, and much more.

Our numbers includes all ages and ethnicity … we’re the kind who routinely weave movie quotes and references into regular conversation … and it’s also fairly common that we have to ratchet back the movie talk ’cause we’re driving family and co-workers crazy…

We’re in process of launching some new community tools here on this site, and our fellowship recently celebrated its seventh birthday (wow!), having originated over at Meetup.com in Aug 2004. Further down this page you can read what members say about the group, and learn a bit about our backstory. We here in Houston meet in real time, but part of the whole idea is to be able to meet our campadres everywhere, so even if you’re not Houstonian you’ll be able to join in. And if you want to start up a local gathering in your town, terrific! Contact me for details and to be included on the calendar.

What Members Say

To the right is our listing when we were over at Meetup.com ~ when I told them what we were about and how we were different, Meetup even created the topic for us!

The Film is Life movie meetup

Here are some comments by our members (since the system allowed them in ’07):

  • “We have a great group – everyone has a wide repertoire and strong opinions, yet is so friendly and open to all ideas. Super fun!” (Lisa, Jul 18 07)
  • “It’s a great group of people who love film just as much as I do. Every [event] is a lot of fun and you walk out with fantastic film recommendations. Even with many different opinions, we each respected and enjoyed hearing each other’s points of view on every kind of film imaginable.” (Homero, Apr 27 09)
  • “A delightful group of people.” (Chuck, Oct 18 07)
  • “Good conversation, relaxed atmosphere… all the essentials.” (Gene, Jul 18 08)
  • “If you like a hodgepodge of topics, people discussing new theatrical releases, those you may have missed or even bring up topics like “What the hell happened to Bridget Fonda?”, Film is Sport is the place for you.” (Travis, Aug 21 09)
  • “Enjoy being around movie buffs. I thought I was the only one that liked talking about them as much as I do then I find this group!” (Amy, Dec 27 07)
  • “You can never completely experience a film without discussing it afterwards, and my friends have never even heard of Lawrence of Arabia…joining was a necessity.” (Homero, Jan 07 09)
  • “Always pleasant to have people that you can share ideas with even though you may not always agree.” (Tena, Oct 23 08)
  • “This group seems to attract film buffs who do more than just see movies. They analyze, compare and rate what they see, and are quite articulate about it. it’s fun and stimulating to be there.” (Sandy, Dec 21 07)
  • “Film is so very important to Culture and History. This group is super; well managed and with many knowledgeable members.” (Ronald, Dec 17 08)
  • “A fun and welcoming group!” (Megan, Mar 12 09)

And speaking of why we’ve always enjoyed ourselves so much…

Our Awesomeness is No Accident

I have been hugely blessed by the great people I’ve met through the Film is Sport movie group! People have actually come up to us in restaurants and asked us what we’re talking about since we’re obviously having so much fun. In discussions with other group organizers, I find that I have few to none of the issues experienced by so many of my fellows. I guess we’re just a class act ~ take a bow, everyone!

Why We Work:

  • We leave personal agendas at the door and share our viewpoints respectfully and without pushing for agreement; in this way we promote lively exchange where all feel welcome.
  • We speak up promptly and privately should anything cause us discomfort; in this way we eliminate drag.
  • We contribute our own ideas; in this way we generate energy and variety.
  • We keep our event RSVPs accurate ~ Yes means yes, and if at any point our plans change, we update the RSVP; in this way we respect each others’ time and attention.

Networking among [regular, involved] members is welcome and encouraged ~ we want to know what you’re up to and how we can support you, and members routinely exchange info and opportunities and engage in projects together, both personal and business.

As always, feel free to contact me anytime if you have questions, concerns, or suggestions.

And remember: if for any reason you go months on end without participating here, please always feel free to jump back in again when the time is right. This group is for getting a break from the real world, not being another thing you have to keep up with! When you’re ready, we’ll be here.

I look forward to seeing you, in Houston and online!

Go you Huskies,

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