Grit on the Critics Circle

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Popcorn Therapy with Lisa Elin joined by Dr. Donna Copeland at the Critics Circle on Radio Brave

Join us for some Popcorn Therapy, a recurring feature of the weekly radio show from the Houston Film Critics Society. I’m joined as usual by my HFCS colleague Dr. Donna Copeland, and our topic today is Grit. (Topic request? Email me »)

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Critics Circle on Radio Brave Internet Radio

Please join the Houston Film Critics Society each week for the Critics Circle, where we take an in-depth look at the newest films, discuss current film news and rumors, interview a variety of filmmakers and artists, and bat around a wide variety of lively topics.

New shows are Saturdays at 3:00pm Central Time with rebroadcasts on Tuesday and Thursday; available on demand as well. Get the details here »


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