Free Guided Checklist: 10 Movies to Power Up Your Life

Picture of 10 Movies for Powering Up Your Life guided checklistThis guided checklist is a custom compilation inspired especially for coach Kelly Galea’s spirited community of “seekers and doers” over at Power Up Living.

If you arrived here through a different route and don’t know Kelly, you’re in for a treat. I’m a huge fan and was privileged to be a guest on her radio show, where our topic was How to Use Movies to Accelerate Your Progress.

Kelly defines a powered up life as being one of “fulfillment, purpose, and ease; one that’s comfortable, in the flow, and connected to what you really want. It’s one of faith and hope; one of believing—and knowing—that there are always options and possibilities. It’s a life of feeling clear, being focused, being creative, and having a sense of flourishing.”

A powered up life is within your reach. And to that end, here are ten movies to support you as you “power up, tune into the possibilities, and amplify your life!

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