Reel Delights Movie Card Games

Reel Delights movie card games bring the fun and familiarity of traditional playing cards to movie lovers of all ages.

The games can be learned in minutes and played from a friendly pastime to a tournament-level competition, while the adjustable degree of difficulty accommodates a wide range of ages and knowledge levels.

Casual moviegoers and hard core film buffs can play together on an even playing field, so everyone has fun. And the Deck’s convenient size lends itself to playing anywhere ~ in a restaurant, poolside, on a plane ~ no board or dice needed. Just pop into purse, laptop case, backpack, duffel bag, or picnic basket and go!

The Perfect Game

  • Easy to learn ~ get started in minutes
  • Works for casual moviegoers and serious film buffs alike
  • Games reference current films, so the deck never expires
  • 120 cards ~ People, Genre, and Wild
  • Complete instruction booklet including 6 cool games
  • Video tutorials and more games online (8 games total!)
  • 1-20 players, or play in teams
  • All ages and tastes can play together, ages 17 to 107
  • Free replacement of lost or damaged cards
  • Access to the online Expansion Pack with 114 more cards

The word “addictive” has been applied more than once…

The Perfect Gift

reel-delights-movie-card-game-deck-300x251The Deck is a terrific option to keep stocked in your gift closet. Small, unusual, cool, and lighthearted, it’s perfectly suited to so many occasions:

  • Oscar Party prize
  • Graduation gift
  • Anniversary present
  • Bridal party favor
  • Hostess gift
  • Item for a raffle, gift basket, or silent auction
  • Appreciation gift for teacher, employee, or service provider
  • Economical gift to a couple or family
  • Surprise for the person who has everything
  • Anytime you need that something under $20!

Sample the Deck

This slideshow lets you sample the Deck itself, as well as experience how the online Expansion Pack functions. Access to the Expansion Pack comes with the Deck itself.

The full Deck is deliberately crafted such that each card reaches back to at least the 1970’s and forward to present day, based on the actors (and occasionally franchises) involved. As such, it is evergreen, and accommodates players of widely disparate ages and taste.

The Expansion Pack complements the Deck in two ways. First, it includes films that released and actors whose stars have risen since publication, as well as those who (while worthy) did not fit into the Deck’s proprietary structure. Second, its design serves as a helpful prompt for beginners and more casual moviegoers.

The Expansion Pack currently includes items through April 2016, and contains 114 cards. (As always, you can play films right up to those in the theater today, so the deck is always up-to-the-minute.)


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