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How much is a deck and what do I get?

reel-delights-card-games_125x125The Reel Delights deck is $19.95, and contains 120 cards (80 Genre, 38 People, and 2 Wild) plus a booklet with instructions and six games. Instructions are also available via video tutorials here on the site, and include two additional games. The deck also comes with access to the online Expansion Pack, which currently reaches through April 2015 and makes 92 additional cards available for play. These features apply for every single deck, whether purchased for your own use, given as a gift, or used as a raffle, gift bag, prize, or other such item.

How do I know my payment information is secure?

seal_paypal-verifiedAll financial transactions are managed securely by PayPal ~ at their website, on their servers. I never see or store your financial information, ever. All major credit cards are accepted, and you do not need a PayPal account. Your transaction will appear on your statement as LISAELIN.

What is your return policy?

30-Day Money Back GuaranteeYour Reel Delights deck comes with a 30-day, no-questions-asked return period; simply have it back in my hands within 30 days of the purchase date.

Decks in their original shrink wrapping will receive a full refund of the purchase price. Opened decks will receive the purchase price less a $4 restocking fee. Opened merchandise must be in resalable condition, meaning that all cards and the instruction booklet must be in the original box and free of any marks, tears, folds, or other such wear. Any sales tax will also be refunded, shipping charges are final.

Just send your return to Lisa Elin/Reel Happiness, 4212 San Felipe, #155, Houston TX 77027. 

Important: Remember to include a copy of your PayPal purchase receipt so I know to whom to issue the refund. (The devil is in the details, right? lol)

About the Games

Does one have to have seen certain movies in order to play?
No. The cards present you with a variety of names and titles, and you play off of those according to movies you’ve seen. For example, 2003’s The Italian Job may prompt one person to key off of Charlize Theron, another off Donald Sutherland, and a third off Seth Green – and a fourth may use another version altogether, and reference the 1969 version starring Michael Caine!

One title, many options. Each card is carefully crafted to provide a wide range of actors, titles, and time periods so that people of many tastes and ages can play.

Movies come out constantly ~ won't the deck get stale?
No ~ the deck is evergreen. Carefully designed to prompt answers from a wide variety of players over time (vs. requiring static, pre-defined reponses), the deck accommodates everything from the Golden Age up to the current film scene. It’ll be as fresh and enjoyable in five years as it is the day you buy it.

You’ll also be able to access the online Expansion Pack, which brings the deck right up to present day.

How knowledgeable about movies does one have to be?
I’d say anyone who lists movies among their “interests and hobbies” will enjoy the cards (sometimes without even knowing the games ~ they just dive in and make up their own stuff!).

While obviously it’s important to enjoy movies, it’s not necessary to be a film whiz or brainiac. It’s well worth noting that on many an occasion someone has said to me, “Oh, I don’t know anything about movies, I wouldn’t be good at it…” then peeks at a card and ten minutes later is still drawing cards and playing with great enthusiasm.

That said, if you are a film whiz or brainiac, you’re in for a real treat. You can set the difficulty such that you’ll definitely feel the neural burn, and defeat your foes with arcane knowledge the likes of Robert Osborne would envy, driving them before you and hearing the lamentations of the women (or men, as the case may be…).

It can be hard to put the deck down, actually ~ one Christmas, the proprietor of the bed & breakfast at which I was staying got in trouble with his staff because he was in the parlor playing cards “for just a minute” instead of inside helping to prepare our Christmas Eve feast!

How hard are the games?
As hard or easy as you want to make them! The deck contains many options for tweaking the level of challenge up or down, so you can easily set it based on how experienced the players are and/or how much intensity you want. Sometimes you want to relax, to take it easy with a friendly game… and sometimes you want to match wits or even throw down the gauntlet. The deck lets you customize to suit the moment.
How many can play, what ages?
From 1 to as many as 20 players ~ it depends on the game, but there’s a game available to suit any number. You can also play in teams.

The deck accommodates players of all ages ~ I know people in their 70’s and 80’s who have tons of fun with it, as well as folks in their early 20’s. Be aware that it does include R-rated titles, so in good conscience I’d have to say the minimum age would be 17 (I’m not naive, but I am square, lol).

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