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Reel Delights Video Tutorials

The detailed video tutorials appear in suggested order, and will give you the most fun and value from your deck; a variety of games appears below. Click/tap a picture to view, and as always, feel free to contact me anytime with questions. Enjoy!

You’ll see Film is Life referenced – it’s the previous incarnation of Reel Happiness. Just contact me if you have any questions.


General Instructions

Quick Start Guide

A quick overview plus one easy game. (6:41) (Earlier version)

Getting Started

The elements of the deck and how to use them. (7:52)


Level the Playing Field

How to adjust for varying levels of movie knowledge, so that everyone enjoys playing. (3:47)

Select the Ground Rules

How to set the degree of challenge from easy to hard, casual to competitive (aka friendly to cutthroat!) (4:37)

Decide What Wins the Game

Three ways to determine a winner (optional). (1:51)

Being the Dealer

The Dealers’s basic duties (and special powers!). (2:36)

Earning Points: Guidelines

How to use your movie knowledge to score points, with examples. (7:44)

Earning Points: Variations

Three options for further customizing the tone and challenge level to suit your mood, with examples. (9:04)

Challenging an Answer

How to pose a challenge to another player’s answer ~ the benefits, and the risks! (4:37)

Playing in Teams

When and how to form teams (hint: it’s not always about the number of players). (2:26)

Individual Games

Game: People I Know

A great option for beginners, suitable for any number of players (including 1). (2:16)

Game: Cast Away

A great option for beginners and/or a relaxed, casual experience, suitable for 2+ players or teams. (3:31)

Game: Solo Contendre

A Solitaire game suitable for, well… you! (6:01)

Game: Last One Standing

A fast-paced, exciting game suitable for 2+ players ~ and the more the merrier! (2:41)

Game: Au Pair

A matching game suitable for 2+ players or teams. (5:34)

Game: Wanda

A sets game suitable for 2+ players or teams. (4:02)

Game: Hearts & Minds

A tricks game suitable for 3+ players or teams. (4:38)

Game: Captain Jack

A rummy game suitable for 2+ players or teams. (7:26)


Deck, expansion pack, videos, tutorials, and artwork © 2007-2015 Kindred Spirits Productions. All rights reserved. Tutorial photography used under license.


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