The Reel Foundations Program

The Reel Foundations Program™ is a means of discerning precisely how you need to show up in the world, in order to achieve the best possible outcome from the challenge at hand. It’s about taking the wheel of your life by growing into a proven stance of being alert, equipped, prepared, and congruent.

It’s an agile solution that works with any “growing edge,” and you can use it to speed your results with any system, teacher, or practice you already use.

And best of all, you do it by watching movies.


Triumph: It’s all in the stance.

Andy driving in freedom after escape in The Shawshank Redemption | Columbia Pictures, 1994.
Columbia Pictures

Stance is the manner in which we stand inside our own feet. It’s a way of describing the level of stability and composure with which we engage Life – a way of conceptualizing our position in relation to the forces around us.

Stance is the attitudinal energy we bring to nurturing a condition, resolving a dilemma, wielding a tool, or applying a technique. It is the way we carry ourselves in this world, and what determines our level of success.

Like its cousin Experience, stance is something that can only be cultivated from within; it involves the world, but it’s an inside job. Singer/songwriter Natasha Bedingfield captured this beautifully with the phrase, “Feel the rain on your skin. No one else can feel it for you, only you can let it in.”

The Reel Foundations Program will teach you how to improve your stance and thereby dissolve the roadblocks to your progress. It’s an agile solution that works with any “growing edge,” and best of all, you implement it through watching movies.

You can use it for:

  • Accomplishing an outcome (such as a reinvention at midlife, healing a childhood wound, or getting through the divorce without traumatizing the children)
  • Maintaining general well being (such as remaining sharp and robust at work, or showing up as a strong partner in your love relationship)

You can take it in:

  • Baby steps (working one Foundation at a time, and/or watching a movie a week)
  • Long strides (working multiple Foundations at once, and/or seeing more movies)

And you can apply it:

  • On your own (self-study and guided exercises)
  • With a coach or counselor (in support of professional instruction and guidance)
Whether it’s challenged you for three weeks, three months, three years, or three decades – whatever it is you are facing, this can help you to meet it. You can do this.

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