Reel Foundations Program Table of Contents

Reel Foundations Program Table of Contents

Use this page to access any part of the program immediately. Take it in order, or jump around as you like!

The Reel Foundations Program is a Reel Happiness premium site subscription. Many pages are visible to non-subscribers as a sneak peek – feel free to browse! More details here »

The Reel Foundations Backstory

Wax On, Wax Off

Working with the Films

Putting It All Together, Making It Yours

Program Printables

Online Tools

Please Choose Wisely

This program is designed for participants who are inherently able to make responsible content choices on their own behalf, both with regard to subject matter and to their personal tolerance for suspense and intensity.

The Reel Foundations™ Program and Reel Happiness itself contain no “trigger warnings” as it is impossible to anticipate every participant’s background. If you may have any special sensitivities, please always consult a film’s Parents Guide at or other trusted source before viewing.

This program and its related materials are only to offer information to help you on your quest for well-being. It represents the opinion of the author/publisher, and is not intended to provide counseling services of any kind, or to diagnose, prevent, cure, or treat any disease or condition.

If you need expert advice at any time, please consult a qualified mental health professional before proceeding.

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