Take Shelter

From whence cometh this storm...Photo: Sony Pictures Classics
Desert IslandWhy I Saw It: Trusted colleague R. recommended it, and Michael Shannon was receiving awards buzz.
What I Thought: Blown away. Astonishing on every level, Shannon was perfection, and Chastain is officially and permanently on my radar. Easily in my top ten of all time, and very likely five, but almost impossible to discuss without ruining it completely. Do not research it, just see it. See it. See it!

Take Shelter. Dir. Jeff Nichols. Perf. star Michael Shannon, Jessica Chastain, Tova Stewart, Kathy Baker, Shea Whigham, Ray McKinnon, LisaGay Hamilton, Qenny O.T. Vitosha (because I am so psyched that animals starting to recieve cast billing on IMDb – thank you Bart!!). Sony Pictures Classics, 2011.

A devoted family man begins experiencing horrifying apocalyptic visions that compel him to begin building an underground bunker in the back yard.

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