What is Cinema Therapy?

What is Cinema Therapy?

We know that movies are great fun, but did you know that they can actually be used to further to your own growth and development? To make you better at the qualities needed for success, and grow past the hurts and limiting beliefs that hold you back?

It’s absolutely true – and absolutely fun!

Using a tool called Cinema Therapy, you can actually use movies to build a strong, secure, successful life.

Cinema Therapy is a healing modality that uses movies as a tool for moving toward wholeness, in which the actual effect of watching generates insight, inspiration, and natural change.

3 Types of Cinema Therapy

There are three kinds of Cinema Therapy, each useful for a specific purpose:

  • “Popcorn” – For kicking back and relaxing. Similar to the way we affectionately refer to “retail therapy,” it’s that breezy, casual movie watching that offers diversion, recreation, and perhaps socializing.
  • Psychotherapeutic – For healing deep wounds or trauma. Here a film is used to access and heal emotions related to some deep form of damage. The film’s content may, for example, reflect a painful circumstance in our own life, and allow that pain to be processed in the safety of the counselor’s presence.
  • Self-Help – For putting the finishing touches on healing the past, and for building the various strengths that equip us to create a future of our choosing. May be undertaken on our own, or as part of working with a coach. This is the type you’ll find here at Reel Happiness. (Though I’m all for the popcorn variety as well!)

Why Cinema Therapy is Such an Effective Tool

Not only is it enjoyable, but Cinema Therapy is also remarkably effective. Because our unconscious speaks in symbol and metaphor, the myth and story of a movie speaks to it directly, bypassing our ordinary defensive censors.We’re able to be open to be open to new thoughts, concepts, and responses in a way not easily received by our conscious mind, which is busy evaluating and planning.

Think of our sense of smell: a scent hits the olfactory bulb in the center of our head and goes directly into our brain, unevaluated and uncensored – boom, we’re transported to the original moment. We don’t have to think about it, strive to remember details. No, we’re just there. This direct delivery is what gives the sense of smell such profound power. And it’s the power shared by film.

Movies speak directly to our psyche in its own language, and when we use Cinema Therapy to steer that conversation, we can start seeing real strides in our progress.

You see, when we seek to change or improve something in our life, we draw motivation from our conscious desires and abilities. These get us started and give us vision. But so often these aren’t sufficient, because limiting beliefs, old family patterns, and other dynamics are also on the bus – and many times are even driving it! When this happens we get stuck, start self-sabotaging, and find it hard to take action (or even know what the right action should be).

Because Cinema Therapy addresses the emotions, beliefs, and patterns that underlie our efforts, it helps us get our conscious and unconscious working together, and the bus really start to move (but it’s okay to drop below 50 mph if you want to!).

This is why Cinema Therapy can help us succeed more quickly and with more lasting results in any area of endeavor. Whether we’re healing the past, pursuing a career, building a business, striving to be a strong parent or partner, embarking on a weight loss journey, working the 12 Steps, or seeking any other kind of change, Cinema Therapy speeds and supports our progress.

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