What is Cinema Therapy?

What is Cinema Therapy?

We know that movies are great fun, but did you know that through Cinema Therapy, they can actually be used to further to your own growth and development?

To make you better at the qualities needed for success, and grow past the hurts and limiting beliefs that hold you back? It’s absolutely true!

Using a tool called Cinema Therapy, you can actually use movies to build a strong, secure, successful life.

Cinema Therapy is a healing modality that uses movies as a tool for moving toward wholeness, in which the actual effect of watching generates insight, inspiration, and natural change.

3 Types of Cinema Therapy

There are three kinds of Cinema Therapy, each useful for a specific purpose:

  • “Popcorn” – For kicking back and relaxing. Similar to the way we affectionately refer to “retail therapy,” it’s that breezy, casual movie watching that offers diversion, recreation, and perhaps socializing. It can also involve a little light awareness-building, similar to the exercise benefits of a relaxed evening stroll. Come listen to some fun Popcorn Therapy segments now (about 10 min each) »
  • Psychotherapeutic – For healing deep wounds or trauma. Here a film is used to access and heal emotions related to some deep form of damage. The film’s content may, for example, reflect a painful circumstance in our own life, and allow that pain to be processed in the safety of the counselor’s presence. Resources for coaches and mental health professionals are in development – please check back soon for updates!
  • Self-Help – For diving deeper, putting the finishing touches on healing the past, and/or for building the various strengths that equip us to create a future of our choosing. This may be undertaken on our own, or as part of working with a coach. This is the type you’ll find here at Reel Happiness – come learn about the Reel Foundations Program now »
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